Test Results Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting two different readings with the same water?
This should not happen so long as you followed the directions for both tests and the test strips have not deteriorated. The LabTech® test strips have been lab-tested to assure accurate test results when properly used.

The test results produced a color that is not on the color chart. What does that mean?
If a color reaction does not match the standards on the color chart, estimate the result as a mid-point between two color standards.  Example:  The pad color is darker than the 100ppm but lighter than the 250ppm standard for hardness.  The result would be estimated at the mid-point, or 175ppm.

Could you describe the Total Coliform Bacteria test result criteria?
A positive sample will turn yellow and have gel that rises to the top of the sample with many gas bubbles.  A negative sample may be red or turn yellow, but no gas bubbles will be present.  If a positive test result is obtained, it is recommended that you get a confirmed test run by a laboratory to determine the quantity and type of bacteria that may be present. Many testing labs are listed in the Yellow Pages and through the internet.
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